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Jessica Alba Biography

Are you a die heart fan of Jessica Alba? Are you wanted to know about her life and career? Then read this article bellow, where you will find the Jessica Alba biography with unknown information. In this article, you will able to read about Jessica Alba’s early life, educational background, acting career, and her present life. Creadit www. Biography Search .com


Early life from Jessica Alba biography

In this section of Jessica Alba biography with unknown personal information, I am writing about her early life: Jessica Alba was born on April 28, 1981 at the house of Catherine Louisa and Mark David Alba in Pomona, California. Jessica Alba has a little brother name, Joshua. When she was nine years old, her father’s air force career took the family to Biloxi, Mississippi, and Del Rio, Texas before setting back to Claremont, California. Her family was very traditional Latin American Catholic family. 

At the age of five, she found herself as a feminist and liberal. Her childhood was surrounded by many physical maladies. In her childhood, she suffered partially collapsed lungs twice, ruptured appendix and pneumonia four or five times every year. She also suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder in her early life. No one knew her well because she was often in the hospital for her illness. 

Education Life of Jessica Alba

At the age five, Jessica Alba aimed to be an actress. Until she was twelve, she didn’t take her first acting class. She completed her graduation from Claremont high school in 1998 at the age of sixteen. After graduation, she went to Atlantic Theater Company to continue her study. But she took her ambition of acting with her. When she was twelve years old, she got her first role in a movie. From then, she is on all the TV shows, movies, modeling shows and television commercials.

Acting Career of Jessica Alba

In Jessica Alba biography with the unknown information you will see, she had interest in acting at the age of five. When Alba was 11 years old, she convinced her mother to let her participated to an acting competition in Beverly Hills. The competitions grand prize was free acting class. She won the grand prize and started her acting lessons. Nine months later she was signed by an agent. 

In 1994, her first appearance on film as Gail in Camp Nowhere. She acted as a child for J.C. Penney and Nintendo in two national television commercials. Since then, she was included many independent films. In the television series Flipper, she did a role of Maya. She had a change to work with many leading directors and writers. In her Hollywood career, she did lots of fantastic films and got many awards for her performance. 

Present Life of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba featured five films in 2010. Alba and her business partner started a company in 2010 name the honest company. The products of this company are toxin-free household goods, diapers, and body care products. The current value of this company is $ 1 billion. In 2013, she declared that “The Honest Life” book will be released. It would be based on her family life. The book is slated for releasing in 2013. But, Jessica Alba is passing her time with her family. She is also doing films and taking care of her company. 

Finally, it is needless to say that Jessica Alba is very hard working actress and passionate about her acting. Her wonderful work reflects her personality and attitude. So, I hope this article helps you to know very well about Jessica Alba biography with unknown personal information.

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